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Large Silver and Turquoise Teardrop Pendant


Large, teardrop turquoise set in elaborate triple borders of plain bezel, rope bezel, and edge of tiny dots, with three silver hogans at the top. The large bail is both wide in diameter, and decorated with rope edges, and one row in the center, flanked by two rows of tiny, flattened domes. All silver is highly polished.

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For this artist, more is more: the silver work is usually a combination of simple elements that add up to a sumptuous, luxuriantly complex effect. And then, the stone has to match the silver in impact, so this pendant is definitely extroverted – in a gorgeous way.

Glittering silver surrounds a large, lovely blue turquoise, with both a web of dark matrix and  an all-over, light-colored web that resembles drops of rain in water; “water web”, a highly admired component of some Kingman turquoise. The rounded tear drop form is closely emphasized by the multiple rows of silver that surround the stone and, unusually, decorate the bail.

The stone is set in a plain,polished silver bezel, that sits on darkened silver background, with a chiseled rope-like bezel close by. The edge of the pendant is adorned with a row of tiny flattened domes that glint and gleam. At the top, three round “hogans” – silver domes that resemble the traditional round homes of the Navajo – in large sizes, add even more sparkle. attached by a sturdy shepherd’s hook, the bail is of a generous diameter, to accommodate beads and/or strands of heishi. No plain jane bail, this one also twinkles and glimmers with rows of compatible flattened domes and textured silver.

All the silver work comprises a shimmering, scintillating whole, beautifully setting off the impressive stone. You will love the look, and the compliments it attracts, too.

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Sterling Silver, Turquoise




1 3/8"