Large Shalako Couple Kachina

Victor Triujillo


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A very special rendition of the Chief Kachinas of the Winter Solstice ceremonies. A contemporary carving, hand made with the amazing precision, grace and detail that this artist is known for. cTaking advantage of the unusual forked shape of the dead cottonwood root, the artist has portrayed both the male and female Shalakos, which is rather unusual in a carving. In the actual ceremony, the figures are covered with tiers of feathers – all 7 feet of them! In this lovely version, the feathers only go down so far, so that the raised rain clouds and rain design, and the smiling head of the Hahai-I, Cold-Bringing Grandmother, are visible. Shalakos mark the beginning of the germination season, when hopes and prayers are expressed, for a fine harvest to come. The feathers of the Shalako symbolize prayers, and the assistance of Cold-Bringing Grandmother is invoked, so that there will be plentiful rain, to encourage the growing crops.The intricacy of the carved and painted details is, as expected of this artist, phenomenal: the tablitas of each figure show off vibrant rain and water symbols, with meticulously carved feathers to convey prayers to the heavens; each figure wears beautifully carved jewelry; the headdresses are even lovely from the back, with carved and painted rosettes, streamers and long hair streaming over their cloaks. Of course, every feather in the ruffled tiers has been carved and painted, individually.There is more! Look carefully, under the hems of the robes, there are miniature anasazi cliff dwellings, complete with kivas and ladders, every brick scrupulously delineated. The Shalakos, therefore, are hovering protectively over the ancestral homeland, promising rain and water to ensure a bountiful harvest, good health, happiness and prosperity. Not a bad symbol to have in the house!Every time you examine this impressive work of art, you will notice something different and marvelous. With superb control of his chosen medium, and an artistic sensibility to match, this artist has created another splendidly decorative and authentic carving, that has profound meaning.


Natural Cottonwood, Paint


Width: 5 3/4″ Height: 17 1/2″ Depth: 4 1/4″

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