Large Sgrafitto Jar with Cream Neck


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An exceptional potter whose work is widely collected. Her pieces look contemporary, are often elongated in form, and exhibit great skill in sgrafitto technique. This involves scratching out the design through the stone polished layer of clay slip, revealing the base clay beneath. In an all-over design, there is no room for a slip-up! She has adapted the dense, complex patterns usually associated with Acoma Pueblo in a contemporary way, as seen here. This jar shows off the elegance of her design sense, as well as her proficiency. Notice how the petals are graduated in size, from smallest at the bottom, to largest around the “hip” of the piece, then growing smaller again, toward the top. This optical manipulation accentuates the form of the piece. Despite the complexity of the design and the difficulty of the work, the effect is of majestic serenity.

Natural Handmade Clay

7 1/2″ W x 10″ H