Large Seven Dwarfs Ring


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He is noted as a painter, teacher, basketball coach, advocate for Native rights, and an acclaimed jeweler.

He is also a footnote to history: his late father, Ted, Sr, was one of the heroic and legendary Code Talkers, who thwarted the enemy in the South Pacific, during WWII, by using the Navajo language as the basis for their codes.

Back to remarkable jewelry: This ring harkens to the Navajo tradition of using impressive stones, placed in fairly simple, silver settings.

Finding a natural turquoise of this size and visual interest would be almost impossible, and horribly expensive – for the jeweler as well as the owner.

So, Ted discovered a large, natural chalcosiderite stone from the Seven Dwarfs Mine, with an amazingly fascinating combination of matrix.

Chalcosiderite is a gemstone mineral that is close to, and often confused with, turquoise, but has a somewhat different makeup (the difference being iron instead of aluminum in it’s chemical composition).

This remarkably handsome stone has the characteristic black veins of matrix, and lovely green color; it also has lots of warm tan matrix.

It is thick, and set high in a silver bezel, surrounded by a silver rope frame.

To one side, a substantial piece of overlaid silver has been added, to create a harmoniously even, round diamond shape for the face of the ring.

The deeply stamped design on this silver flange resembles mountains, or water … or is simply decorative.

A sturdy, classic 4-bar shank is open at the sides, and solid at the back, so this striking ring can easily be sized down.

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