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Large Rug Pattern Cuff

Dan Jackson


Consigned by Donna Leach. Large wrist sized (7 1/2″)  rug pattern cuff by Dan Jackson, Plain on inside, elaborate, overlaid design all over the exterior.

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Dan Jackson’s mother was a rug weaver; his father was a jeweler. A prominent, award-winning jeweler himself, Dan works rug patterns on silver, thereby honoring both his parents. This bracelet exhibits his artistic and technical abilities, rather spectacularly. This was a special commission, for a customer who is no longer able to wear it. Lucky you, with a large wrist!

On a broad swathe of heavy-gauge silver, Dan has overlaid an intricately patterned design that is one, continuous, delicate line. Only the polished, little wide “u” shapes along the edges, are cut and applied separately. To emulate the texture of wool yarn, the rug pattern is carefully and minutely chiseled. A series of stepped lozenges down the center are polished, for contrast. Using the tedious, demanding, overlay technique, the artist has combined texture, polish, and a graphic play of light, bright and darkened silver to create this classic rug pattern design. It is remarkable, and remarkably beautiful.

The borders are rounded a bit, and gleam in the light. Inside, plain polished silver slips like silk over your arm. With meticulous expertise, and a loving vision, Dan Jackson has created a splendid design that is a lasting tribute to both his mother and his father. They would be very proud and happy; just as you will be, when wearing this dramatic bracelet.

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

6" + 1 1/2" gap, 7 1/2" total


1 7/8" wide

Bracelet Sizing

Large Rug Pattern Cuff

Measure your wrist with a soft tape measure. Run it around the wrist, not too tightly or too loosely, just in front of the wrist bone. That is the measurement that we use for each bracelet on our website.

THE “CUFF” MEASUREMENT INCLUDES THE TOTAL CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE BRACELET, INCLUDING THE GAP. The width denotes the widest part of the cuff, itself. If your wrist size is substantially greater than the bracelet’s, it will be too small.

Some bracelets may be adjusted slightly, case by case. Bracelets with inlaid stones around the entire surface cannot be sized. For any doubts, please contact us with your wrist size and information about the bracelet(s) and we can check the compatibility.