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Large Ricolite Turtle


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For Pueblo people, turtles represent long life and also water, the giver of life. This realistic turtle has bright turquoise blue eyes; that aside, the carving, the attitude of his head, and the markings of the stone are amazingly lifelike.

Even the underside is completely carved, shell and feet both.The artist is celebrated for his various animal fetishes, always done with fine sculptural detail.

Here, he has also manipulated the stone to the best advantage for a natural turtle-y look. The carving is deep and crisp; notice the fine detail in the head and feet.

A marvelous, realistic fetish carving by a major, award-winning artist. Large enough to be a sculpture, really, it will look terrific on a table, desk or shelf.

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Natural Ricolite, Turquoise


4" long x 2 1/4" wide x 1 " high