Large Retro Style Cuff


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Leon is a jeweler who prefers the traditional Navajo style: impressive natural stones and elaborate silverwork, resulting in sumptuous pieces that declare “more is more”.

He learned by helping his silversmith parents, beginning at the young age of 9, and has benefitted from studying major artists, including Calvin Martinez, Kirk Smith, Sunshine Daniel Reeves, Ernest Begay, Tommy Jackson, and Tommy Singer.

With the support of these stellar jewelers, he has achieved a solid reputation for beautifully made, handsome pieces.

The award-winning jeweler says,” I try to make each piece of jewelry close to its perfection….”  and this bracelet fits that bill.

This splendid cuff features a huge, natural Royston turquoise, surrounded by a series of meticulously fabricated silver elements.

The large stone is polished and retains its natural form. Unlike many Royston stones, this one is a beautiful teal, rather than moss green, but has the characteristic toasty brown matrix.

That is a lovely contrast to the variety of teal and aqua hues in the stone.

Supporting the turquoise is a plain silver bezel, framed by a chiseled silver rope which is surrounded, at the top and bottom, by meticulously formed little fluted half-beads of silver.

At the sides of the stone, beyond the rope-like border, are a pair of deeply stamped silver arcs.

Graceful, repousse silver forms seem tied together by another fluted bead, and end in a solid chiseled fan. There is a small dome of silver between the repousse curved shapes.

These elements hark back to the age-old feather designs.

The cuff itself is formed of five, rolled silver bars that support the wonderful silver work on the front.

This is a gorgeous example of remarkable skill, married to an exquisite design that is ornate, but balanced and elegant.

The whole is meant to set off the fabulous turquoise stone, which it does, with a dazzling effect.

True to the past, but with much more refinement than in the past, this is a  masterful piece of neo-traditional jewelry.

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