Large Repousse Bracelet


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JJ Otero is quickly becoming a well-known name in the Native American Jewelry world.  Formerly an IT specialist and award-winning musician for years (he’s still playing!), JJ began his foray into the art world with woodworking, becoming well-known for his masterfully crafted cradleboards.  In late 2018, he started making jewelry and he hasn’t looked back.

This wide and large cuff is a great example of the ever-expanding catalog of techniques he’s learning to master.

Repousse, or the technique of hammering malleable metals from the reverse side to create a surface design in low relief, is attempted by many and mastered by few. The hardest part with any type of hammering, chiseling, or stamping is understanding how different gauges or thicknesses of metal will move when altered by hitting.

While working on this cuff, JJ decided to “go big or go home”, and the results speak for themselves!

The center of the cuff is one large repousse design that required many hits. The outskirts of the cuff also include small repousse stamps with multiple shapes on both sides.

The body of the cuff includes other stamped designs, and the scalloped ends feature a texture specific to JJ’s pieces.

This cuff is wide and made to fit a large wrist.

JJ Otero is on the rise, and we enjoy seeing his continued growth as an artist!

We hope you enjoy this cuff as much as we do!!

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