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Large Rain Pattern Bowl


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An active Santo Domingo Pueblo potter since the 1990s, Mark Wayne is known for working with black-on-red, and most recently, with micaceous slips, as well.

He has achieved the recognition he deserves, with his glittering micaceous pieces. His work is noted for shapely forms, smooth finishes and superbly painted, crisp black graphics.

This large and dramatic bowl glistens, with dense black patterns in spectacular, matte contrast. The design emphasizes the comely, well-proportioned shape of the bowl, as it runs from the rim to the waist of the piece.

Stepped motifs, referring to rain, are further decorated with striped areas, symbolizing falling rain. These are classic good-luck motifs, as well as being handsomely decorative.

Meticulously fashioned, finished, and painted, this bowl also commands admiring attention for its flawless precision in every step.

Large, and remarkably striking, this bowl is a wonderful centerpiece for your table or shelf.


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Clay, Natural Micaceous Slip, Vegetal Pigment


6 1/2" H x 12" Diameter