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Large Pottery Cross


Long (7 1/8″) pottery cross, decorated with rain and feather symbols  in white and black, on red clay base.  Attached turquoise in center of cross piece. Meant to hang on wall.

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Her work has a very individual look, thanks to the bold designs that decorate her pieces, and the typical colors. Both characteristics are present in this dramatic cross, completely hand made, just as her pottery ollas are.

With a striking design featuring rain symbols, and feathers, this cross also features a beautiful turquoise, set into the cross-piece. It is surrounded by lines that radiate out from it, with a trio of white feather symbols above and another trio of more elaborate feathers, below. These represent prayers.

The triangular designs on either arm of the cross are traditional, and include more parallel rain lines. Rain is a wonderful blessing in the southwest. The audacious palette of white and black, on the natural red clay base, is proudly assertive, proclaiming the faith in a beautiful mix of traditions, designs, and materials. Ready to hang on your wall, this cross is a handsome  expression of intertwining, age-old beliefs.



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Natural Clay, Paint, Turquoise, Vegetal Pigment


7 1/8" long x 4" wide x 1/8" thick