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Large Polychrome Olla


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A spectacular example of why this husband-and-wife team are recognized as contemporary artists of the first rank. In fact, they are “among some of the finest potters of this or any era”, according to some experts.Totally traditional in the making, their pottery process can take as much as a full year to complete, from gathering the clays to pit-firing.This olla is typical: imposingly large, perfectly symmetrical in form and design, thin-walled, and beautifully painted. In addition, the form is especially spectacular. The voluptuousness of the main body is emphasized by the much smaller base and shallow neck. The Cernos are known for using reference books of historic pottery for inspiration, and this magnificent piece may have started as a two-dimensional photo.Every element of this gorgeous olla is as perfect as human hands can achieve: opulent form, flawless finish, precise, graceful and complementary painted design. Notice how thin and even the wall of the piece is, especially for a pot this large. The design is not only unusual and dramatic, it also wonderfully complements and emphasizes the form of the piece: The eye is held to the center area and its energetic design, whose generously swooping curves echo the sensuous rotundity of the pot itself. All the colors are natural, either red clay slip, or an infusion of vegetal color, for the brown/black, over the natural white of the clay base. This dark accent color is brilliantly distributed around the design, acting as a border on the neck, as well. Thin (and thinner!) painted lines delineate the three areas, neck, center and base. Naturally, every bit of this remarkably beautiful piece of pottery was made by hand, which is why the award-winning Cernos have such a high reputation and such avid collectors. Now, you can be one of them, if you aren’t already.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Height: 9″ Diameter: 10 1/2″