Large Polychrome Olla


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An award-winning Laguna Pueblo potter who is known for her traditional designs, as well as traditional technique, she has reduced her output in recent years, but the quality and artistry of her work is as evident as always.

In this large olla, the pattern is an abstraction of the familiar bird design.

Snail-like spirals curl sinuously around the piece, with the birds’ eye and head at the pointed end of the spiral.

Scallops with arrowheads, at the other end of the spirals, represent the tail feathers.

Parallel lines and stepped motifs symbolize rain, which is so precious in the high desert.

More, larger bird symbols adorn the neck of the piece.

The polychrome palette, of red clay slip and wild-spinach black, stands out beautifully against the pure white, natural Laguna clay.

The design is crisply painted and beautifully conceived to emphasize and harmonize with the graceful and classic form of the pot.

With plenty of blank space between the boldly painted design motifs, the imposing olla is dramatic, yet tranquil.

Animated, abstract and graphic in design, this handsome olla would complement contemporary decor as easily as rustic, or southwestern surroundings.

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Hand Processed Local Clay and Clay Slip; Natural Pigment


10 7/8" H x 7 1/2" Diameter