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Large Polychrome Olla


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Here is a majestic, impressive, precisely formed, painted and burnished piece of hand made pottery, that is an astounding bargain.

Created by one of the gifted potters from a tiny village in northern Mexico that traces its heritage back to Pueblo refugees from the Rio Grande Valley. Their ancestors fled south after the Pueblo Rebellion was crushed by the returning Spanish, in the1600’s. The style, technique, and materials are like our southwestern Native pottery, but the economy is very different so the expected price is, also.

The opulent swell of the form is beautifully emphasized by the carefully placed decoration. Meticulously painted, a ruff of feathers encircles the base of the neck, while boldly diagonal designs swoop across the body. These precisely depicted motifs include stepped rain signs, more feathers, the Greek key symbol for wind and storm clouds, and other designs familiar from Pueblo pottery. Notice the elegant flare of the thin-edged rim. It perfectly complements the curvaceous body of the pot.

Created with Native symbols, natural clay and clay slips, and vegetal paint; coiled, smoothed, burnished and painted by hand, and pit fired, this lordly pot belies its cost. A piece of this size and quality would be about three times the price, if not more, made here.

So, enjoy the history, the beauty, and the quality of this piece, and pat yourself on the back for fine shopping savvy.


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10 1/4"


7 1/2" Diameter


Natural Clay I Red Clay Slip I Vegetal Paint