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Large Pitcher and Bowl Set


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This is the most impressive and most unusual pottery work by this artist, or almost anyone else.

In former decades and centuries, large pitchers and bowls stood in for the running water and sinks we enjoy today. Every bedroom had a washstand holding a matching pitcher and bowl.

Inspired by these antiques, this adventurous potter created a large, hand coiled set in his own, recognizable, award-winning style.

As always, each amply rounded rib is actually pushed out from the inside, rather than applied from the outside and smoothed into the body.

Not only that, but each lobe corresponds to a matching lobe in the broad bowl!

Andy has “owned” this beautiful style, based on ancient gourds and melons, but this is the most spectacular expression of it we have yet seen.

The snowy clay, which is hand gathered, mixed and coiled, is native to the Laguna-Acoma-Zuni area, where the artist lives.

It is burnished to a soft glow, also by hand.

This is a pottery collector’s must-have; a prime piece for anyone who appreciates that everything old is new – especially when it is impeccably constructed and beautiful to behold.

PS DO NOT use this set with water. You may place only dried or fabric foliage in it.


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Natural Hand Made Clay


Pitcher is 11" H x 11" W x 9" diameter


Bowl is 13" diameter x 4 1/4" H