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Large Overlay Bolo with Spiderweb Turquoise


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Tim’s work is in the same, impeccable tradition as his mentor’s, the great Chalmers Day, whose overlay technique is celebrated.

This spectacular bolo is a stellar achievement, in design, execution and materials.

Tim’s traditional subject matter reflects the influence of his grandmother, a  deeply spiritual woman, in the Pueblo where he was raised.

Aside from the flawless, beautifully designed, overlaid silver work, the centerpiece of the bolo is a magnificently large, natural Kingman turquoise.

Turquoise blue peeps through a lacy web of matrix in this rare stone, hence the term “spiderweb”.

Bisecting the splendid turquoise, is a series of horizontally inlaid black jet, creamy dolomite, and orange spiny oyster shell  – all natural materials, as well.

The form of the turquoise, and the design of the inlaid stones/shell, suggest the face of a benign spirit; an intermediary between the people and the heavens.

The spray of silver, stylized feathers on the top reinforces the concept, since it resembles a headdress, and feathers carry hopes and prayers heavenward.

The superb, inlaid turquoise sits above the overlaid silver designs, held by a hand cut bezel.

The intricate designs in the silver relate to the blessings of rain and water, relating to the Pueblo village at the bottom.

Just above the houses, to the left, a series  of puffy rain clouds unleashes lightning.

The forked lightning below the clouds is especially delicate; a considerable feat when cutting into a piece of solid silver

Falling rain is also seen, just next to the smoke curling up from a chimney.

All the other motifs , on either side of the bolo, depict rain and water symbols.

Along with these, are pointed and triangular forms showing where the blessings of water are aimed – down to the village.

Everything about this sumptuous bolo exhibits brilliance: the quality of the natural stones and shell, the elegance of the shape, the integrated complexity of the design and its message, and the exemplary workmanship.

A major piece, blending art and skill, this bolo is extraordinary, one of a kind, and stunningly beautiful.

Entirely hand fabricated, including the tips and cord, this bolo is impressive, and meant to impress all who see it.

It is the masterpiece of this artist’s work so far, and surely will be passed down to many happy generations.

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Hand-Braided Leather, Inlaid Natural Jet, Natural Dolomite, Natural Kingman Spiderweb Turquoise, Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver


Bolo is 4" L x 3" W | Stone is1 7/8" L x 1 1/8" W | Tips are 2 3/8" L x 1/4" Dameter | Cord is 45" L