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Large Northwest Coast Raven with Baby


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Folk art is a visual commentary on some aspect of Native life, usually with a bit of humor – sometimes with an edge – like this well-shod and handsomely hatted raven. His dramatic markings and color scheme, and the style of hat perched jauntily on his head, all say “Northwest Coast tribe”. The artist is Navajo, but the design is authentic Northwest.Carved and painted by hand, this imposing piece of folk art is impressive in size and expert workmanship, and very handsome, indeed. The joke is that this raven, with his high-top sneakers, corn husks, and ill-fitting hat, may really be an imposter. Like an Italian trying to look like an English gentleman, this may be a Pueblo raven, trying to pass as one of the totem figures of the Northwest tribes. Between his legs, a similarly decorated little raven, also wearing high-tops to match, is ready to take off.The wood is beautifully finished and detailed; the painting is precise and vivid. Whether you view this as gentle satire, or simply as a colorful, hand-carved sculpture, these decorative ravens are going to incite much admiration and conversation. Though not owls, they are a real hoot.

Wood, Paints, Natural Dried Corn Husks

Width: 12 1/2″ Height: 13″ Depth: 4 1/4″