Large New Landers Variscite and Chrysoprase Pendant


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Famed painter, jeweler, activist and mentor, Ted Draper, Jr. is also a link to WWII history.

His late father was one of the heroic Code Talkers, whose use of the Navajo language as code, foiled the enemy in the South Pacific, and helped to ensure our victory.

This pendant is serene and lovely, in beautiful contrast to war. The large central stone is natural New Landers variscite, a stone found close to the legendary Landers Blue turquoise mine.

Variscite from this area is close to turquoise but differs in mineral composition. It does, however, share the black, webbed matrix of the coveted turquoise.

In this large and elegantly tapered stone, spots of pale green peek through the dense, dark matrix, in handsome patterns and contrast.

Picking up this delicate green, as tender as brand-new leaves, is a border of translucent chrysoprase, a variety of chalcedony.

The thick bezel around the dramatic variscite is expertly chiseled into a barricade of silver,.

The silver base, which holds the seamlessly inlaid pieces of chrysoprase, is left plain, and brilliantly polished.

A marvelous choice of unusual materials, and the flawless skill evident in every part of the pendant, result in a splendid mix of textures and colors, from the most dainty, to the most dramatic.

Notice that even the silver bail is ornamented to complement the rest of the pendant; overlaid with a traditional Navajo rug design.

Rare stones, combined with rare artistry and skill, form a uniquely splendid pendant.

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Natural Variscite, Sterling Silver I Natural Chrysoprase


2 5/8" L x 1/8 – 1/4" W