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Large Navajo Doll Couple


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A tradition for decades, these soft cloth dolls are like the ones Navajo mothers and grandmothers made for their own little girls – only bigger.

Handmade of cloth, fleece, beads and yarn, this couple is all dressed up in their finest.

Both wear pretty bead necklaces, like the shell and turquoise jaclas that real Navajo adults wear on special occasions, and matching earrings.

Both wear brightly colored belts, and glistening”silver and turquoise” decorations on their fancy shirts.

Their moccasins are authentic in color, but of cloth, instead of leather.

Their hair is styled traditionally; tied with yarn.

An unusual and charming detail is that the lady sports not only a pleated broomstick skirt and a petticoat, but even a pair of panties!

Painted with delicacy and precision, their features are serious, and proud – as if they might be posing for a photograph – with a  glimmer of a smile.

In an unusual, large size, these dolls carry on a long tradition, with lovely colors and great detail.

Wonderful for doll collectors, and doll lovers of all ages.

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12" H x 8 1/4" W


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