Large “Navajo” Cross

Roland Brady


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This artist expresses his faith in exquisitely wrought crosses that sometimes incorporate symbols of his Navajo heritage as well.

That is the case in this cross, dramatic in every way.

Symmetrical, harmoniously balanced, and strongly graphic, the design is an artful balance of straight, jagged, and curved lines as well as sharp contrast.

The darkened background silver contrasts with the softly gleaming top layer.

Patterned with serrated silver rows that point toward the center from each arm of the cross, it is based on Navajo rug designs.

Each arm of the cross features an escutcheon that is typical of Navajo weavings.

Each arm of the cross, also, is linked by an arc that forms the illusion of a full circle behind the cross itself.

A circle symbolizes inclusion and completion – the blessings and meaning of the cross extend everywhere, are perfect, and eternal.

Applied silver oblongs line each of the four segments decorated with tiny stamped dots.

The pattern of tiny stamped dots is another Brady characteristic.

Note that they are arranged as crosses on the ends of the arms and within each escutcheon.

On the reverse side , the delicate pattern of little dots is repeated as crosses on the body of the cross, and in rows at the ends of each arm and along the arcs of the circle.

Even the beautifully executed boxed bail is stamped with dots.

And, in another indication of the skill, thoughtfulness, and creativity of this artist, the bail is ingeniously fabricated.

It can be removed, so the cross may be hung on a wall, as well as worn.

This cross will be the center of attention no matter how its displayed.

A bold declaration of faith and pride, this unusually large cross is outstanding in size, design, and perfection of execution.

Another superb example of this extraordinary jeweler’s unique vision, ability and creativity.

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