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Large Natural Turquoise Pendant


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A phenomenal piece – a pendant of natural turquoise, in an almost unheard-of large size. It is rare to find natural, American turquoise in one impressively huge nugget, like this, in this day and age.

With a truly turquoise hue – neither really blue, nor really green – and matrix of warm, earthy tan, this is as attractive a stone as it is unique. True to his esthetic – and in honor of the extraordinary turquoise – the artist has kept the silver setting as unassuming as possible, so the splendor of the stone is paramount. A few superficial hairlines are visible, not surprising in such a large stone. They in no way affect the stability or beauty of the natural turquoise.

Notice that the larger pendant piece has a mountainous topography – it is thicker in some parts than in others, having been left as much as possible in its natural, nuggety form. The value of this piece lies in its rare size and its beauty, in its natural colors and form, thanks to the skill of this celebrated jeweler.

This looks spectacular on one of Al Joe’s silver collars (elsewhere on this website). Or let it adorn your own chain, collar or beads.


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Natural Turquoise (Pilot Mountain?), Sterling Silver


3 1/4" long x 1 1/2" wide, Larger Stone is 2 1/4" long x 3/8" wide, Top Stone is 3/4" long x 1" wide