Large Micaceous Lidded Pot

Pam Lujan-Hauer


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Lecturer, and teacher, as well as a prize-winning creator, of pottery, this award-winning artist has also designated a Local Treasure.

This majestic olla is made entirely of micaceous clay, hand-gathered in northern New Mexico.

As is traditional, it was also, mixed, coiled, and smoothed by hand, and fired in the ground.

The stately and voluptuous form is imposing, and the mica-infused clay has a subtle sparkle everywhere.

The size alone is worthy of awe, but the beautiful shape and flawless finish are just as remarkable.

Atop the olla, a bell-shaped lid is crowned with a turtle finial, all of the same peach-hued, glittering clay.

Although the turtle is simplified in form, it is undeniably a realistic amphibian.

Turtles are associated with rain and water; therefore very good luck.

There is no design to cover up a slip of the finger or tool, in this monumental piece.

The elegant form and the perfect finish of this large pot are impressive of skill, as well as artistic vision.

Endlessly creative, technically expert, and fiercely devoted to continuing tradition in new ways, Pam Lujan-Hauer is indeed a Local Treasure.

And this splendid covered pot will shine in your home, literally and figuratively.

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