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Large Inlaid Ring


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The excellent inlay is a nod to his mentor and father, the late Richard Begay, but the contemporary flair is his own statement.

This striking ring showcases the sensational red coral stone, contrasting it with icy-white textured silver.

The cut silver bands at top and bottom, with rain and water signs for good luck, break up the many vertical lines.

The pink and red coral “stripes” at either end of the ring are divided by inlaid lines of jet, which also points up the jolt of turquoise and white shell.

Clean, colorful, contemporary and chic, this is a marvelous blend of form, function, tradition, with a ‘Now’ “Wow!”.

It can easily be sized to fit.

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Inlaid Natural Red Coral, Jet, Shell, Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Ring Size

9 3/4


Face Size: 1 5/8"