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Large Inlaid Rain Figure Pendant


Spectacular pendant for size, design, and colors. Stylized figure with silver tablita of feathers and zigzags, with overlaid stepped rain motifs below  and around the raised, inlaid “face”. Face is inlaid like abstract sunface with green turquoise, lapis, and red coral accents. Trapezoid body is inlaid in lapis and two hues of coral, with 2 accents of turquoise, in various stepped, motifs and multi-color abstract feathers. silver bottom is textured stepped rain design. Shepherd’s hook in heavy silver.

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A widely collected award-winner, he keeps coming up with new twists on his wonderful jewelry. This new pendant is an example. Known for his superb color-sense, inlay technique, and innovative designs, Tommy Jackson demonstrates all that in this magnificent pendant. Hold onto your hat, this spectacular piece definitely has nothing understated about it! With the confidence of many years’ experience, and many awards, the artist has created a gorgeous pendant with bold colors, boldly decorated, in a bold size.

An abstract figural piece, it combines a stylized Sunface with many rain designs, and feathers symbolizing prayers for the blessings of a balanced nature.  It starts with a broad fan of stylized feathers that is slightly convex, the better to pick up the light and gleam brightly. The silver is polished and overlaid on a textured and lightly darkened background. There are overlaid silver, stepped rain designs below and around the raised “face”.  This interpretation of the Sunface is a rich combination of jewel tones: royal blue lapis, dark red coral, and greenish turquoise. Silver channels separate the colors, and the lapis has minuscule spangles of pyrite matrix.

The inlaid body is an explosion of color and shapes. Here, the stones are arranged in a mosaic of luscious blue lapis, red and pink coral, and touches of green turquoise. In the center, a spray of multicolored feather symbols floats above a stepped pyramid red coral, signifying rain. Other, similar shapes are seen to the left and right, while there is a stepped rain design in textured silver at the bottom. The rain symbols balance the sun, and the feathers express prayers and hopes for enough of both to produce a fine harvest. The whole deisgn evokes good luck, good health, prosperity and happiness.

Happiness is certainly yours when you wear this outstanding pendant! The vibrant colors, energetic design, and meticulous silver work combine to form a memorable and remarkable piece of jewelry.  Attach the sturdy shepherd’s hook to equally bold silver beads or a chain and acknowledge the oohs and aahs with becoming modesty. (The pendant speaks boldly – you don’t have to say a word.) Magnificent, but very wearable, too.

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Natural Lapis, Red and Pink Coral, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


2 1/4" wide body, 4 7/8" long x 3 "wide at top