Large Ingot Silver Cuff


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A classic, meticulously chiseled bracelet of ingot silver, less common and much more difficult to work, even, than the more usual ready-made sheet. Ingots are a bar of solid silver, which the jeweler must then hammer down to a workable sheet, before starting on the piece.

Only then can the creative work begin. The thickness is a bit greater than usual, owing to the method of fabrication.

Stamped and chiseled with precision and an artistic eye, this bracelet’s nine alternating rows almost resemble a woven or embroidered fabric.

Polished, rounded bands alternate with bands containing a variety of notched motifs, each similar, but different in subtle ways. The effect is richly ornamental, but in a restful, rhythmic way.

A quiet eye-dazzler, this larger-size bracelet would be equally handsome on men or women.



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Ingot Silver

Wrist Size

7 1/2"

Cuff Size


Gap Size

1 1/2"