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Large Hummingbird Pendant


Fabulous, show-stopper of inlaid pictorial pendant. Silver oval, convex, inlaid with large hummingbird with abalone head, red coral throat, abalone and mother of pearl wings, slim turquoise beak, abalone and pen shell body and tail, with white mother of pearl breast. Coral petals and melon shell centers on two flowers; butterfly above with pen shell outlines, body and antennae. Wings are segmented orange spiny oyster shell, and red coral. Triangles of blue opal all around edge, and stamp work on outer silver edge. Bail is large, to accommodate larger beads. Inlaid with mini scene as below: tiny hummingbird, one flower with malachite leaves and blue opal and stamped borders. Shimmering silver.

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Dazzling in size, colors, design and every aspect, this is a pendant to be cherished for generations, and worn proudly – but with appropriate modesty, please, when the compliments roll in!

Magnificent inlay on a lovely slim oval of gleaming silver, allows the many and precious materials to be appreciated. As if painted, a gorgeous hummingbird hovers over a pair of bright red coral flowers, drinking in the nectar. A wonderfully detailed and naturally colored butterfly flits above. The entire vignette is bordered in glinting triangles of deep blue opal, with delicate hand stamping on the outer, silver rim. The rounded shape of the silver seems to make the colors stand out from the gleaming metal.

Abalone shell, with wonderful iridescence, forms the bird’s head, back, and part of a wing. Deep red, natural coral forms the throat, with lightly etched feathers, while a band of deepest brown-black pen shell circles the neck, and forms the beautifully etched tail. Between neck and tail, a snowy white mother pf pearl forms the breast, also etched a bit with feathers at the bottom. Tiny shapes of pen shell indicate the tucked-up legs, and a tapered sliver of turquoise forms the beak. The eye is inlaid with mother of pearl, circling a dark shell pupil. The gracefully fluttering wings are of a darker mother of pearl, etched into feathers and bordered with the dark pen shell.

The lovely butterfly is also beautifully formed, and as true to nature as a collection of solid stones can be. The wings seem to glow, with pale to darker orange spiny oyster shell, shading to red coral at the edges. The deepest brown pen shell borders the gracefully lobed wings, and forms the head body and antennae. The inlaid bail adds to the magnificence of the piece.

Curving around the broad round bail is an astounding, miniature echo of the scene below. Almost exactly the same as the large hummingbird scene, a tiny hummer with a white breast, abalone head, red coral throat, etc, etc., is about to sip from a miniature of the red flower on the pendant. The same glittering blue opal triangles and hand stamping borders this mini-vignette. And, on the back, unseen side of the bail, rows of the same dainty stamp work form a rippling pattern, like water – a secret pleasure just for you!

This is obviously a magnificent example of artistry and skill, breathtaking in the luminous and vibrant colors, the beautiful materials, and the exquisite skill of the inlay. Truly, wearable art.

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Opal, Abalone Shell, Malachite, Melon Shell, Mother of Pearl, Natural Coral, Pen Shell, Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver


5" long including Bail x 1 7/8" wide, Bail is 7/8" diameter inside