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Large Ho-Ho Mana Kachina


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Extremely gifted, and very reclusive; if it weren’t for his natural diffidence, this artist would be a household name on the strength of his very evident talent.

Once more, this wonderful carver has created a collector’s “must-have”: a rarely seen kachina that was quite popular in the past. HoHo Mana is also known as “Zuni GIrl”, and usually accompanies the Sio Hemis kachina, during the Niman, or Going Home, ceremonies at the end of summer.

Dressed as a female, but with ambiguous features, this kachina is carved with meticulous care, fashioned with the artist’s characteristic, intricate, life-like detail. The kachina is hauling a seemingly heavy and awkward bunch of cattails, from which hang three flat kachinas, destined as baby gifts, to be hung over cradles. At the bottom of the leafy stalks, which are resting on the ground, are two bows and two arrows. In his other hand, he holds a gourd, with a rasp inside it. This plays a rhythmic accompaniment to the dancing.

There are so many notable details to point out in this piece: look at the beautifully realized hands, feet, toes and fingers; the many different and realistically rendered items of clothing; the naturalistic body position; the carved “rocks” of the base, for just a start. Every inch of this tall and colorful figure is hand carved with a knife in exquisite detail.

Timothy also paints his pieces with the same scrupulous attention, over a considerable period of time, using the best artists’ oil paints – a very unusual choice. However, oil paints don’t dry out the wood, and are capable of endlessly modifiable effects – see the close-up of the “fur” ruff. and the subtle shading of the light-colored blanket, in the back.

Everything about this remarkable kachina carving is outstanding.There is really no need for words, in this case; the pictures speak louder than anything. And to see it in person? Amazing workmanship and artistry; a true connaisseur’s piece that will provide endless pleasure for generations.

Cottonwood, Oil Paints

Width: 5 1/2″ Height: 18″ Depth: 4 1/4″