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Large Heavy Stamped Cuff


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We’ve all enjoyed Herbert Ration’s handsome, well-made and colorful bug pins; here is another side to this accomplished artist.

A substantial gauge of sterling silver is deeply stamped to create a regular, very handsome pattern.

The silver has been oxidized to a soft pewter gleam, but the stamping is the star attraction.

And, if it looks good on the outside, it will be twice as handsome on the inside!

Yes, Herbert has doubled the pattern, stamping the interior of the cuff just like the exterior.

This expresses the Navajo concept of Ho’zho – beauty and balance everywhere.

Perfect for lucky, larger wrists, whether man or woman. Stacks beautifully, too.

A very well-made cuff, at a very welcome price point.

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Sterling Silver

Cuff Size


Gap Size

1 1/4"

Wrist Size

7 1/4"


3/8" W