Large Glass “Raindrop” Bowl

Adrian Wall


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Adrian began his star-studded career as an award-winning sculptor, but his talent is too great to be confined to one medium.

Along with his sculpture, he is famous as a Native flute player (and a Native rocker, too!), jeweler, and hot-glass artist.

As seen in this gorgeous bowl, he excels in glass-blowing, as well as the other mediums.

Ethereal n appearance, the bowl resembles a slow-motion view of a single raindrop, as it hits the ground, splashing upward.

Water is especially precious in the desert southwest, so rain and running water are very good luck signs.

The top of this heavenly piece is highly polished and reflects light with prism-like iridescence. It is slightly darker than the rest of the bowl.

As intangible in hue as a drop of water, the body is decorated with translucent, textured spirals, stepped motifs. and dynamic triangular forms that refer to water, rain, and storms.

These are also as evanescent and insubstantial as water – or glass – and add to the overall impression of delicacy.

As fragile in looks as a drop of water, this bowl is, nevertheless, sturdy, and will be a glorious centerpiece on your table – especially if placed where light comes through it.

A sublime example of a talent that knows no boundaries, this bowl is superb in design and execution, and totally magnificent.

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