Large Geometric Olla


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Melissa Antonio, a member of the Red Corn Clan and the Sun Clan, was born into the Acoma Pueblo in 1965. She is from a recognized Acoma family (her mother is Lillie Concho who was also a famous Acoma potter) who specializes in painting simple geometric figures arranged into exceedingly complex designs.

From the age of 12, Melissa has used the traditional methods of making pottery that she learned from her mother, including digging the clay herself, coiling and smoothing the pot by hand, making her own paints, and using a yucca brush when painting her designs.

This large olla is a fine example of her geometric designs, with the main design taking up a cross-section around the middle of the olla, and a second design above and below the main one. These patterned designs are composed of tiny squares, rectangles, triangles, dots, and fine lines. Melissa has filled in the area between the shapes with dark paint.

A larger, yet minutely detailed piece, by a member of an iconic Acoma pottery family, this olla will be an amazing addition to any collection!


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