Large Fine-Line Seed Pot


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Brian’s forte is fine-line painting, a traditional signature of Acoma pottery. This unusually large seed pot shows the precision of his work and his masterful sense of design.

The fine lines represent rain, a sign of good luck. Starbursts of fine lines resemble flowers, but may also represent the sun and the result of balancing rain with sunshine – namely, crops.

Flashes of red clay slip illuminate the all-over design like streaks of lightning. All the elements are arranged to maximize the form of the globular piece.

The base clay is the signature pure white of Acoma. The multitude of thread-like lines were each (!) painted by hand, with a paint made from wild spinach leaves.

Ancient symbols become contemporary in effect when designed and composed in a thoroughly individual pattern.

The resemblance to modern op-art is astonishing, considering the long history of these fine-line designs.

Amazing eye-to-hand precision, artfully controlled patterns, and a beautiful, good-luck design on a traditionally formed seed-pot.

Tradition and creativity in an unusually larger size – a winning combination.


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