Large Eye Dazzler Olla

Barbara and Joseph Cerno


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Universally acknowledged as some of the very best potters of today – or any day – this couple are top award-winning artists. They create some of the finest, fully traditional work.

Joseph researches historic designs and creates the beautiful forms; Barbara is responsible for the impeccable painting. This majestic olla has it all.

The eye-dazzling design is a stylized yucca leaf pattern in black plant-derived paint, on natural, white clay; very traditional to Acoma Pueblo.

The graduated size of the leaves emphasizes the breathtaking perfection of the shape, and adds a kinetic energy to the piece.

Flawless in every way, this is a good-sized pot that is easy to fit into any number of settings.

Centered on a table, arranged on a shelf or mantel, this pot will attract admiring attention wherever it goes.

It is traditional, yet contemporary in allure; imposing, yet full of jazzy energy.

Another masterwork by this legendary pair of potters.


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Natural Handmade Clay, Natural Pigment