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Large etched Hummingbird Seed Pot


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Emily is well-known for exemplary “sgrafitto” ( etched ) pieces. She used to collaborate with her late husband Ray; now she carries on, alone, just as beautifully.

Here she offers the classic Pueblo motif of hummingbird and wild rose.

That design is not only graceful and lovely, it refers to the pollination of plants and crops; good luck, good health, abundance and happiness.

The all-over pattern, beautifully precise, has been painstakingly scratched out of the previously stone-polished, plain red clay.

The beige clay which forms the base has been delicately textured, to contrast.

There are painted accents on the flowers, the birds, and the watery and bird motifs around the edge.

The lively combination of patterns, and the placement of the hummingbird and roses, suggest the darting movement of these entrancing little birds.

This seed pot comprises all natural, hand made clay, meticulously gathered, prepared, coiled, shaped, smoothed, fired in the ground, stone polished, etched, and painted, according to age-old traditions.

The piece was formed in two halves, which were then put together when the clay hardened enough to hold its curved shape.

It is a marvelous example of traditional pottery, with individual, contemporary touches.

Lovers and collectors of hummingbirds and/or roses, as well as admirers of fine, traditional pottery, will all love this handsome, coffee-table-size seed pot.


5 1/2″ D x 3 1/2″ H

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Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slip, Paint


5 1/2" diameter x 3 1/2" H