Large Eagle and Rabbit Bolo

Hank Whitethorne


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Winner of a highly coveted SWAIA Fellowship, awarded by the sponsors of Santa Fe Indian Market, Hank lives far from the cocktail circuit, out on the Navajo Reservation. His work combines daring design and traditional elements, resulting in maximum drama. It has not only won him awards and fellowships, but devoted collectors, all over the country.

This remarkable bolo is a wonderful example of his creativity and sure technique – as well as a touch of dry humor. The rabbit and eagle can be moved closer or farther apart, according to your mood.

Feeling benevolent? Keep the eagle away from his prey. Feeling aggressive (or hungry)? Move the eagle and rabbit together!

An amazingly dynamic silhouette in precisely cut sterling is beautifully supported by meticulous inlay.

The understated tips are beautifully inlaid to match, without competing for attention with the main piece.

This is truly a collector’s piece; one which is as much fun to wear as it is an heirloom investment in creative artistry.



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