Large Dragonfly Pendant


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An arrestingly beautiful design by this well-known couple that honors the dragonfly.

Dragonflies are not only lovely to look at, they are instrumental to helping pollinate plants, and – they live on and around water , that most precious resource in the arid high desert..

Traditionally, Navajo jewelry favored bold designs featuring large stones.

Tradition is made modern, here, by the enlarged scale of the piece, and the substantial stones so handsomely set in it.

As if in close-up, the dragonfly is both delicate and imposing.

The tail and antennae are twisted silver wire, which is delicate, as are the shapely, tapered stones.

The size, and vivid colors of the turquoise and spiny oyster shell stones are audacious, as well as beautiful.

Large and brilliant turquoise in the wings, are matched in effect by the striated texture and fiery reds of the spiny oyster shell triangles below them.

The head and body of the dragonfly are a soft green and tan turquoise, also set in silver, but more demure in size, and mottled hues.

The stamped silver bail is curved and tapered, nicely comparable to the shapes and sizes of the body of the piece.

It is also ample enough to accommodate large beads, or heishi strands, that would complement the size of the pendant.

Made with traditional techniques and skill, adapting tradition in the beautiful choice of stones and the scale of the pendant, this is a stunning statement that will go with so many colors and types of clothing.

Wear it often, and happily accept the compliments.


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