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Large Double Lizard Fetish


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Considered a master carver, this award-winning artist specializes in animals and their environment, carved from one piece of stone.

In this substantial carving, he has created two separate lizards and leaves, from lizard-green serpentine. It is really a small sculpture, suitable for table, shelf, or desktop.

Carved, as is his style, from one piece of the luminous stone, the desert denizens are perched on a rock, with spiky leaves below, waiting for something appetizing to come their way.

Their posture is alert; bright jet eyes are watchful. One lizard is upright, the other is already head down, ready to plunge into the foliage.

Both lizards are carved with naturalistic detail, and the scaly bodies are lightly incised, rather than carved. This ensures that the entire piece appears to be one beautifully polished whole. Long tails are curved, curling, and graceful.

An exceptional carving by an exceptional fetish artist, this will delight lizard-lovers, and even convert others who didn’t know they were.



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Jet, Serpentine


5 1/4" h x 3 1/2" w x 2 3/8" deep