Large Corrugated White Lidded Vessel


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Coming from a prolific and well-respected family of potters, this younger artist is noted for following in the tradition of her late mother, Stella Shutiva.

Her pure-white corrugated, or “thumbprint”, style goes back to prehistoric times, but still looks fresh, in the pure white clay native to Acoma.

She uses an octagonal carpenter’s pencil, inherited from her mother, to create the “thumbprints” on each coil.

Impressively large, this olla is a virtuoso piece of pottery-making skill.

The handsomely swelling curves are tapered toward top and bottom, creating a graceful, rounded form.

Standing guard on the removable lid, which is also corrugated, is a nicely modeled, smooth-sided bear.

Bears signify strength, power and protection.

The white color and minimalist decoration let it settle happily into contemporary, as well as other, decors.

A piece to prize, by a prize-winning potter.


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Natural Hand Made Clay


11" H x 12 1/8" diameter