Large Coral Cluster Pin/Pendant


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Many Native jewelers are deeply interested in innovation, these days; others are concerned with continuing tradition in the best way possible. This glowing red coral pin/pendant a perfect example. Beautifully clear, deep, rich, natural red has been cut into oval teardrops of different sizes, each laboriously set in sparkling sterling. Lorraine Waatsa is a daughter of the famed Alice Quam, and this design exhibits the silver rope twist and little silver domes that her mother favored. This piece is so characteristic of classic Zuni design, that it could have been made any time in the last century or so. The exquisite workmanship and finest of materials is also a legacy of the Quam-Waatsa tradition. As a pin/pendant, this will work in several different way, adding to its wearability. The rosette of flaming red coral seems to mimic the setting sun and its rays, or a brilliant flower. Whatever you see in it, you will see lasting beauty and tradition.

Sterling Silver, Natural Coral

Depth: 1/4″ Diameter: 2 5/8″