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Large Butterfly Kachina


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One of the premier carvers of Hopi, WIlmer Kaye is noted for his finely formed pieces, meticulous painting and cultural accuracy.This elegant Butterfly Maiden is notable for the exquisitely carved and painted wings, the graceful proportions, and the flowery base. Butterflies are revered for their use in plant propagation, thus the flowers vividly depicted on the base. The black Pueblo dress, or manta, that she wears anchors all the bright colors, and also emphasizes the height of the piece.There is a conscious balance of black, neutral and saturated color throughout the piece, from top to base, and side to side. The subtly curved lines of the black manta also underline the fundamentally tapered form of the entire piece, adding to the harmony of form and color. The subliminal details add up to a monumentally serene and powerful piece. No surprise; Wilmer is recognized as a master carver, and is an artist through and through,

Handcarved Cottonwood and Paint

17 1/2″ H, 3 3/4″ D Base, 6 3/4″ Wingspan,