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Large Burden Basket


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Burden baskets are a revered, and much-collected, Apache traditional art.

Young girls made one for their puberty ceremony, and women regularly used them for hunting and gathering edibles, and storing them, too.

This very large basket was made by a woman from the San Carlos Apache tribe, in southeastern Arizona.

It is totally traditional, with the design showing in reverse, from outside to inside.

The brown derives from the outer bark, and the lighter tan, from the inner, split side of the willow.

Natural buckskin wraps around the rim and forms the headband that went around the woman’s forehead.

Shaped “jingles” of tin, from tin cans (see the exteriors on the jingle’s interior!), were attached to more buckskin; their jangling noise kept away snakes, and let women keep track of each other out in the wild.

This beautiful basket is authentic, handsome, unusually large, and a wonderful buy.

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Basket alone is 10 1/4" L | with Jingles it is 22 3/4" L | Basket is 12 3/4" Diameter


Natural Willow | Bark | Buckskin | Tin