Large Bolo with Kingman Turquoise


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Tim’s overlay silver work is impeccable, like his mentor’s, the late, great Chalmers Day, whose technique is still celebrated, internationally.

This spectacular bolo is a stellar achievement, in design, execution, and materials.

Tim’s traditional subject matter reflects the influence of his grandmother, a  deeply spiritual woman, in the Pueblo where he was raised.

Beautifully stylized and simplified motifs include arrowheads, stepped rain symbols, eagle feathers, and a basket full of corn ears.

Arrowheads point down to handsomely abstracted rain and cloud motifs.

Arrowheads mean protection, and power, and indicate the direction of these qualities.

Here, below the stone, there are stylized elements that combine stepped rain signs, and eagle feathers, in one design.

Rain is a major blessing in the high desert, and eagle feathers carry prayers and hopes up to the heavens – in this case for rain.

At the very bottom, a beautifully shaped and decorated basket overflows with abstract ears of corn.

Corn is the staff of life, and this bounty is the result of the prayers for rain, seen in the upper parts of the bolo.

Aside from the flawless, beautifully designed, overlaid silverwork, the centerpiece of the bolo is a magnificently large, natural Kingman turquoise.

Sitting high above the decoratively chiseled bezel that holds it, the natural stone is radiantly blue, with irregular bits of matrix.

It is a quintessential example of the finest, old Kingman turquoise, in a splendidly large size.

Densely darkened background and brilliantly polished silver form a graphic pattern, with the intense blue of the stone as a dazzling accent.

Cognizant of the majestic size and quality of the bolo and its stone, the artist chose to decorate the long tips in a complementary, overlaid silver design.

Here, too, stylized stepped rain motifs and feather designs are overlaid all around the cylindrical tips.

They are also chiseled at each end, which repeats the chiseled lines on the sides and top of the bolo, itself.

Entirely hand fabricated, including the cord, this bolo is impressive and meant to impress all who see it.

A major piece, blending art, skill, tradition, and a fabulous natural turquoise, this bolo is extraordinary, one of a kind, and stunning.

Mount it in a shadowbox, on a wall, but be sure to wear it often.

Whether with jeans, a business suit, or a dinner jacket, this breathtaking bolo will look just right.

It is the masterpiece of this artist’s work so far, and surely will be passed down to many happy generations.


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