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Large Blue Gourd Mask


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Looking for a unique, dramatic focal point for your wall? Look no further than this magnificent gourd mask, by D.R. Nance.

He started making masks of his own design, from found, natural gourds, when he worked the oil wells of East Texas.

Then he entered art shows, and they won awards.

Now, this gracious and charming artist lives in New Mexico, and spends all his time creating these wonderful wall decorations.

This dazzling example started with an unusually large gourd – natural, although now he has to find farmed ones of the right sizes and shapes.

After locating a gourd (which is time-consuming, and not inexpensive, anymore) it has to be carefully sliced in half, and the inside seeds, etc. carefully scooped out.

Then, it must be dried, painted, decorated, and finished.

Oh, and he has to find the right natural feathers to decorate it, before even attaching them.

The design is animated and colorful- no ceremonial or cultural significance, just sheer esthetic impact.

The metallic royal blue, red, and gold paints are tempered by a dotted black area.

These all relate to the natural feathers that erupt in an exuberance of vibrant color, around the top of the gourd.

Adding texture to the exotic beauty of the mask, are the two substantial pieces of natural horsehair, that hang down either side.

Brilliant yellow and green, teal, dark blue, orange, and red parrot feathers form most of the gorgeous spray of natural color.

Discreetly placed behind these, like bass notes under a thrilling melody, long, dark brown/black feathers support the riotous colors.

Across the gourd’s “forehead”, a compact fringe of natural guinea fowl feathers repeats the dots on the face; also echoed, more quietly, at the ends of the dark feathers.

This splendid mask is a masterfully composed explosion of color, texture, and form.

Like a beautiful symphony, all the parts coalesce to form something greater.

This fabulous mask is guaranteed to be the talking point of your home or office.

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Commercial Paints, Natural Gourd, Natural Horsehair, Natural Parrot and Guinea Fowl, etc Feathers


24" L x 20" W including feathers | 3 1/4" Deep