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Large Black and White Owl Figure


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The classic color scheme of black and white always packs an esthetic punch; in this large and minimalist owl, it is especially stunning.

Pure white, natural Zuni clay is gathered, mixed, coiled, smoothed, and decorated with judiciously placed designs – all by hand, of course.

Building a large piece like this, with coils, is very tricky, tedious and time-consuming.

Keeping the clay pliable, but not so soft that the figure collapses into itself, is both a matter of great skill and good luck. Tammy has both!

Owl figures are a tradition at Zuni; owls are considered “night watchmen”, alerting the people to danger.

They are also held in awe for their ability to see and hunt in the dark.

This magisterial owl impresses by its size, its wingspread, and the marvelously precise decoration that emphasizes the elegantly sleek form.

This is a 21st-century Zuni owl: abstract in form, with minimal decoration that is dramatically graphic and beautifully painted.

Traditional in inspiration, materials, and method of creation, this impressive owl is strikingly contemporary in looks.

The perfect watchman for your home – with a long, long, history behind it, and a silken smooth form and finish.

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Natural Clay, Natural Pigment


13" high x 11" wide x 11" deep