Large Bird Jar



Related to eminent potters Robert Tenorio and Hilda Tenorio Coriz, this gifted artist is intent on preserving and continuing the pottery legacy of his Pueblo.

Case in point: this marvelous, large jar with iconic bird and flower motif.

Using all local, Santo Domingo materials, from clay to plant colors, he has placed this traditional design perfectly, enhancing the voluptuous form of the pot.

From red base to wild-spinach-black scallops at the rim, this is a totally classic Santo Domingo design.

Ambrose actually still paints his motifs with a chewed yucca leaf brush, just like his grandmother did.

Beautifully formed and painted, the graceful drama of this wonderful piece is augmented by the typical Santo Domingo colors of cream, terra cotta and black.


Additional information


Natural Hand Made Clay, Natural Pigment


11 1/4"


11 1/2" diameter