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Large Azurite Pendant


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A master jeweler, painter, teacher, tribal leader, and more, this remarkable artist works with glorious stones and sets them in the simplest of noble metal settings, to their greatest advantage. This extraordinary, large, natural azurite, is a stone resulting from weathered copper ore deposits. As such, it combines both deep blues and green malachite. It is sometimes called a meditation stone.

Gazing into the gorgeous blue-green depths, is like floating in the ocean, surrounded by fronds of sea-plants; very mesmerizing. The subtle changes of color and pattern in this spectacular piece of azurite provide all the decoration needed. Softly rounded forms match the dream-like aspect of the stunning stone.

Both top and bottom are firmly but discreetly nestled in sterling silver. Breathtaking in the vivid complexity of the stone, and the graceful, large size, this pendant is another heirloom-worthy classic, from an early student of the legendary Charles Loloma.

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Natural Azurite, Sterling Silver


3 3/4" long x 1 1/4" wide