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Large Abalone Fish Fetish


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Herbert Him is a master fetish carver, known for the naturalism of his carvings.

The winner of many, many awards, he has work in museum collections, too.

He is also noted for choosing materials that suggest the subject, as in gorgeously iridescent abalone shell, for this glistening salmon.

One side is appropriately salmon-colored, with pale grey fins and tail, naturalistically carved.

The open mouth is also realistic, but the eyes are sky-blue, natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise ( this is a southwestern salmon! ).

On the reverse, the natural abalone shell displays its characteristic, resplendent iridescence, glistening with dazzling, rainbow hues.

Display either side, propped against a shelf or on a stand, and change them around, for different looks.

Spectacular hues and iridescence, expert carving, and good size, make this a superb fish fetish, by an acknowledged wildlife master.

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Natural Abalone Shell, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise


4 3/4" L x 1 3/4" W