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Lapis Sunface Pendant


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Ola has been known for over thirty years for her classic Zuni lapidary work. In in this beautiful pendant, she has created her favorite, iconic Sunface in ways both very traditional, and then, not so. The result is vibrant and lovely.

The traditional way is the look of the little Sunface itself: golden mother of pearl, for the bottom of the face,  inlaid with red coral and turquoise on top – signifying earth and sky – with inlaid jet lines for eyes and mouth. These are all natural stones and shell.

Radiating out from the center sun, channels of silver, like sun rays, separate inlaid rich blue lapis. Effectively, the sun is shining in a deep blue sky. A shining silver rope frames the raised design, with a polished silver bail to carry the same gleam to the top.

Radiantly vivid, and beautifully designed, both esthetically and symbolically, this pendant has an allure larger than its size. (It would be a stunning set with her similar drop earrings, elsewhere on this site.)

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Sterling silver I Lapis I Yellow Mother of Pearl I Red Coral ITurquoise I Jet


1 3/8" long with Bail I 7/8" diameter