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Lapis Sunface Dangles


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Sun and water are necessary for abundant crops, so the Sunface is a traditional Zuni (and other) symbol. These charming earrings include a Sunface surrounded by deep blue lapis, symbolizing the sky, and water, both. The artist has been a notable jeweler of inlaid pieces for over 30 years, and tweaks tradition, just a bit, with the use of lapis, rather than turquoise, as the foil for the sun.

The tiny Sunface glows with golden mother of pearl; red coral for the earth, and turquoise for the sky and water, form the top of the face, with inlaid lines of jet delineating the features. Delicate silver channels fan out from the center Sunface, like its rays. The background of inlaid lapis, as blue as the southwestern sky and deep water, is a wonderfully vivid contrast, esthetically and symbolically.

These little dangles are beautiful on their own, and would make a stunning, dainty set with the similar pendant, elsewhere on this site.



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Sterling Silver I Lapis I Yellow Mother of Pearl I Red Coral I Turquoise I Jet


1 3/8" long x 1/2" wide at bottom