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Lapis Heishi Necklace Set


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Josephine is known as a creative jeweler, specializing in prize-winning heishi necklaces. In her hands, this ancient style of adornment is updated and refined to suit our millennium.

Heishi necklaces are beautiful workhorses; they go with every sort of neckline, in every season, and amortize quickly because of their wearability.

This exceptional necklace is especially distinguished by the tiny size of the lapis beads, and the regal look of the materials.

Incredibly minuscule cylinders of natural lapis form fifteen (15) strands that are only three-quarters of an inch (3/4″) wide, when placed side by side!

For the teeny lapis beads, the stone has to be cut, sliced, drilled, and shaped, to make each one. Heishi is labor intensive and material intensive.

The dark blue lapis is interspersed with larger, but equally slender, cylinders of sparkling sterling silver.

The combination of royal blue lapis and gleaming metal is stunningly regal. However, this necklace will look at home with casual clothes, as well as with business, or party attire.

Silver and natural, honed lapis are a classic combination; each material sets off the other to its fullest advantage. The result is gorgeous, but understated.

Luxurious and splendid, this magnificent necklace speaks softly; reticent in its elegance.

There is a pair of matching heishi earrings included with the necklace, to wear together, or separately.

With practiced skill, an eye for color, and  the finest, natural materials, the artist has fashioned a rare and ravishing necklace set.

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Natural Lapis, Sterling Silver


Necklace: 24" L
Earrings: 2 7/8" L