Lapis Eagle

Jovanna Poblano


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Her fame is as a third-generation, award-winning jeweler. This talented lady is Zuni, and cherishes her Pueblo’s traditions. Here, she follows in the footstep of her illustrious grandfather, Leo Poblano, who was as famous for his fetish carvings as he was for innovative jewelry.

This younger artist has created a beautiful table fetish in the old, traditional style – but in a “modern” material. A large, solid chunk of splendorous lapis lazuli has been carved into a shapely, but abstract, eagle, Guardian of the Skies and bearer of prayers to the heavens.

This eagle has turquoise eyes, to complement his gorgeous blue body. As befits a contemporary expression of age-old tradition, the gracefully curved bird wears a medicine bundle.

Definitely not the customary kind: little turquoise and shell beads, adorned with delicate crystals instead of coral, are strung along the sinew.

An organic piece of iridescent abalone shell is an abstract arrowhead form, and lends its opalescent luster to the piece. The solid alabaster base is cut into a rectangle, and grounds the piece.

The fascinating blue lapis looks like the night sky, strewn with filmy clouds and bands of stars. The crystals continue the celestial look, with their unearthly clarity.

As a stand-alone sculpture, this is opulent in materials, glorious in form, and meticulous in execution.

In addition, this eagle fetish brings the owner the protection and intervention of the mighty eagle.

A spectacular piece of nature’s artistry and tribal history, that has been even more enhanced by the artistry of a major talent.








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