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Lapis Dragonfly Pin


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A purple cow? Pink elephant? Now, a blue dragonfly!

A new interpretation of an historic jewelry form, this beautifully fabricated dragonfly is set with a series of denim lapis stones, articulating its long body.

The head is a rich, deep blue lapis, while the silver wings are delicately textured and shaped.

Polished silver forms the legs, while the rest is somewhat antiqued.

Dragonflies are symbols of water, flitting above and around this most precious resource.  Therefore, they are good luck symbols.

Choosing different shades of blue lapis to decorate the insect is a visual reference to its liquid habitat.

Navajo have a tradition of insect jewelry,  reflecting their reverence for the natural world, and all that keeps it in balance.

This fine jeweler keeps that tradition alive in his own designs, that echo the past but reflect the present.

Pin this dreamy blue fellow anywhere from lapel to belt; shoulder to hat, to bag; it will be a dainty show-stopper.

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2 7/8" L x 2 1/8" W


Denim Lapis, Sterling Silver